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John Fleck, Science writer and neighbor

News Flash! “GOP thinking is stuck in the past.” – David Brooks

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America Is Europe – NYTimes.com

Republicans are perpetually trying to do what Ronald Reagan did. But top tax rates today aren’t as onerous as they were in 1980, so lowering them won’t produce as many benefits. Imagine if Reagan ran for office promising to recreate the glory days of Thomas Dewey and you get a sense of how much G.O.P. thinking is stuck in the past.

America Is Europe – NYTimes.com

Railrunner will continue to run on weekends – Huzzah!

ABQJournal Online » Breaking: Board Votes To Continue Weekend Trains

By Olivier Uyttebrouck / Journal Staff Writer on Fri, Jul 15, 2011

Weekend service on Rail Runner Express will continue after August, through Saturday train service will run less frequently during winter months and some weekday service will be trimmed after Labor Day, a board voted today.

The Rio Metro Regional Transit District board reversed its decision in June to end Rail Runners’s weekend service in mid-to-late August to cover a $1.2 million shortfall in the commuter railroad’s budget.

The board voted 14-1 on Friday to enact an alternative schedule will save an estimated $2 million during the current fiscal year, which began July 1, according to Rio Metro staff estimates.

The changes in weekday schedules will substitute bus service for two weekday trains. They are: a daily northbound train that departs Downtown Albuquerque at 4:02 a.m. to Santa Fe that served 36 passengers a day; and a daily southbound train that departs U.S. 550 at 4:32 a.m. to Downtown Albuquerque that served 46 passengers a day.

The changes also consolidate two southbound trains that depart Santa Fe at 8:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. for Downtown Albuquerque, replacing them with a single train that departs Santa Fe at 9 p.m.

ABQJournal Online » Breaking: Board Votes To Continue Weekend Trains

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Our neighbor, John Fleck, lookin’ good.

I was walking with Luke around Altura Park when John paused to say hey. He saw my camera and asked if I had taken any interesting photos – I had not, to that point. I raised my camera hand a little, pointed, clicked – all with no idea if the shot would work (the camera was nowhere near my face). I think it turned out great – praise be for autofocus.

Twitter Twaddle

I’ve been curious about Twitter for quite a while. Mind you, I am naturally averse to the mob and its fickle fancies. I don’t march to any drummer, not even my own. However, I am a computerist and technologist and curious.

I started to explore Twitter by looking at the "tweets" I might actually follow. If you follow these links,  you see what tweets look like, albeit outside of the normal flow of Twitter.

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* Name Ed Bott * Location Santa Fe, NM * Web http://edbott.com… * Bio award-winning author, tech journalist, Windows geek 193 Following 976 Followers

  • Name Ed Bott
  • Location Santa Fe, NM
  • Web http://edbott.com…
  • Bio award-winning author, tech journalist, Windows geek

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Ed Bott (edbott) on Twitter

  • Name Netflix
  • Location Los Gatos, CA
  • Web http://netflix.com
  • Bio Official Netflix twitter channel.World’s largest online movie rental service.For customer service on twitter:Netflix Helps. We want to hear from you.

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Twitter / KOB.com Albuquerque: #ABQ – City looking into a …

My impression of this is that if you enjoy listening to the conversations going on around you in a crowded restaurant, you will love Twitter. I prefer context and quiet. peace, mjh


I have posted just under 1,000 photos on Flickr over the past few years. According to Flickr’ stats, my photos have been viewed just under 35,000. If that seems like a lot, consider that isn’t 35,000 people, that’s 35,000 views (average = 35 views per photo). Odds are that no more than two dozen people have seen most or all of my photos. (And anyone who hasn’t seen them all never will at this point – can you imaging how long it would take.) I consider a good ‘audience’ around 50 people. One hundred views is a lot.

flickr_topsHowever, I have a few photos that have been seen by a much higher than average number of people. For the longest time, my most-seen photo was one I half-jokingly call Albuquerque Wetlands: lush greenery in the bottom of a concrete arroyo near the Big-I. I attribute most of those viewers to John Fleck, because he highlighted that photo.

Two photos have started moving up this year. A photo of a pasque flower started climbing this spring and surpassed Abq Wetlands handily. Then, even more surprising, a photo of a big brown spider jumped in the past month or two, each day gaining more than a dozen views. Spider has now eclipsed pasque flower and all others as my most seen photo. (For the record, I have far better photos of spiders and flowers.) I don’t know if someone has linked to each of these photos, but I can’t imagine people are searching every day for these images.

What People Are Looking For


This is the current ranking of my flickr photos in terms of number of times viewed. Just in the last week, pasque flower shot ahead of the long-time leader, Albuquerque Wetlands. Strangely, I don’t know why people are suddenly interested in pasque flowers (other than the recent occurrence of Easter). It is not my favorite pasque flower photo. (My favorite sightings of pasque flowers have all occurred above 11,000 feet.)

It is more than likely that Albuquerque wetlands was the leader thanks to John Fleck, my virtual and physical neighbor. (Well, stretching physically, but not in the least, virtually.)

Ironically, two of my most widely viewed photos aren’t even mine, except as subject. (I’m not sure who took The Big Day; Merri took After the Kiss.) I like the others, but don’t love them as I do most of these and many others.

What do you think?