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  • Albuquerque’s population may hit 1 million within 5 years

    [hattip jfleck] 28 metros have a shot at joining the million-plus club – The Business Journals Albuquerque is expected to grow from 918,876 at the start of 2013 to 1 million on Sept. 21, 2018. 28 metros have a shot […]

  • News Flash! “GOP thinking is stuck in the past.” – David Brooks

    hat tip to @jfleck America Is Europe – Republicans are perpetually trying to do what Ronald Reagan did. But top tax rates today aren’t as onerous as they were in 1980, so lowering them won’t produce as many benefits. […]

  • Railrunner will continue to run on weekends – Huzzah!

    ABQJournal Online » Breaking: Board Votes To Continue Weekend Trains By Olivier Uyttebrouck / Journal Staff Writer on Fri, Jul 15, 2011 Weekend service on Rail Runner Express will continue after August, through Saturday train service will run less frequently […]

  • Fleck!


    Our neighbor, John Fleck, lookin’ good. I was walking with Luke around Altura Park when John paused to say hey. He saw my camera and asked if I had taken any interesting photos – I had not, to that point. […]

  • Twitter Twaddle

    I’ve been curious about Twitter for quite a while. Mind you, I am naturally averse to the mob and its fickle fancies. I don’t march to any drummer, not even my own. However, I am a computerist and technologist and […]

  • Flickr


    I have posted just under 1,000 photos on Flickr over the past few years. According to Flickr’ stats, my photos have been viewed just under 35,000. If that seems like a lot, consider that isn’t 35,000 people, that’s 35,000 views […]

  • What People Are Looking For

    What People Are Looking For

    This is the current ranking of my flickr photos in terms of number of times viewed. Just in the last week, pasque flower shot ahead of the long-time leader, Albuquerque Wetlands. Strangely, I don’t know why people are suddenly interested […]