I like to take pictures of pretty things. But photography must include unpleasant subjects, as well.


I took that picture four years ago. I was driving when I saw the truck. It took me a moment to catch the error. I thought, “I wish I had a camera,” and my wish came true (it had been on the seat next to me the whole time). Later, I decided not to post this because I abhor that word and the violence of this act. However, time passes and it’s never too late to ridicule the idiot who painted this. (Mind you, dyslexics have my sympathy; misogynists do not.)

Similarly, I was appalled to find the following sign in my neighborhood park. Who would wrap packing tape around a tree to post a sign. And who would hire such a person who couldn’t spell or use spell check – or capitalize properly.


Both of these are part of a large topic I call “AlBAHquerque,” with which I document the ugly side of our town. I call quite a few of these “screw the view,” because that’s what they say to me: that someone’s profit matters more than beauty.

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