Put the message in the box, put the box into the car, drive the car around the world, ’til you’ve been heard

Gasp. Tears. My heart belonged to many bands growing up but World Party was extraordinary. I’m shaken. I wasn’t this sad for Zappa or even LCohen. “The look on their faces was ‘my god this is real!'”

World Party’s Karl Wallinger was a pick’n’mix songwriter with a total, titanic love of music | Music | The Guardian

It’s a great obit. (I always thought he was German.) Seek out his/their tunes.

Tangentially, I’m stunned to learn World Party originated “Is It Like Today?” I know that song as performed by Eliza Gilkyson. I prefer her less-pop version. “How could it come to this?” Wheels within wheels: I discovered this song at the end of the finale of The Finder, a quirky tv show you should have seen. The song blew my mind from the start. Sometimes, you don’t know who to thank for what.

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