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Good for whom,


Scoundrels at ABQ Journal insult and slander those not out to make a buck off bosque development #abqbosque

» Editorial: Bosque project deserves real input, not posturing | ABQ Journal

It is extremely easy to criticize a project when you come late to the party and are unencumbered by facts.

» Editorial: Bosque project deserves real input, not posturing | ABQ Journal

Can you tell the Albuquerque Journal is a conservative business booster? That single sentence is viciously insulting to the caring people who oppose developing the bosque, who oppose deviating from preservation into exploitation. But the Urinal, as Jas. Mullany calls it, sells advertising and would love to sell a spread to the good merchants of the New And Improved Bosque-land, now with 20% more fun, coupon attached. But, wait, the scurrilous insults continue…

» Editorial: Bosque project deserves real input, not posturing | ABQ Journal

Evaluation is needed. Politically motivated NIMBY-ism is not. Albuquerque is bisected by an amazing natural resource that is currently most enjoyed by homeless squatters, drug addicts and juvenile delinquents. Law-abiding, nature-loving residents and visitors should also get to enjoy it. And they must protect it.

» Editorial: Bosque project deserves real input, not posturing | ABQ Journal

That’s right: the bosque isn’t “enjoyed” by tax-paying citizens or mega-corps, by decent neighbors, by Aldo Leopold or Dave Parsons or V.B. Price. The bosque isn’t “enjoyed” by free-loading wildlife — coyotes, porcupines, myriad birds. Because it lacks amenities you must pay for, it is “most enjoyed by” [insert any group you fear or disdain — liberals, for example]. We are law-abiding, nature-loving residents who also get to enjoy it. [See A Walk in Albuquerque’s Bosque » mjh’s blog.] And we will protect it, especially from the scoundrels at the Journal. [spit on the ground] peace, mjh

Sometimes, it’s AlBAHquerque.

Someday, people will stare in amazement at a photo like the following. “How could they live like that? What are those things?” In the meantime, for someone’s profit, we accept a needle thrust in our eyes time and time again.

a needle in my eye

ageless beauty

Now, isn’t that better? Why do we have to work our way around the ugliness? Beauty makes life better. What does ugly do?


I talked to a burglar … #neighborhoodwatch #abq

I happened to be walking through my living room when something next door caught my attention and drew me outdoors. An older, mostly non-descript red car was backing into my neighbor’s driveway. Odd. Odder still, the driver released the trunk from inside. Hmmm. I stood there, in plain sight, as the driver rustled through something in the front seat. He seemed to be pulling on gloves or ransacking the car. He looked up and through the open window on the passenger’s side we exchanged pleasantries. “How’s it going?” “Not bad, how about you?” I don’t recall who spoke first, just that it was an standard exchange between civil strangers.

The driver – a thief, as it turns out – was decent-looking, thirty-ish, clean-shaven, with short but not really-short black or dark hair. He was calm, albeit distracted. As I stood there, I pulled out my cellphone and called my neighbor. Perhaps she was expecting a delivery or worker or friend. She was quite surprised by my information. During this brief call, the guy closed his trunk and slowly drove off into the neighborhood. I saw a balloon fiesta NM plate starting with ‘LM’. (I’m easily befuddled by license plates – I expend a lot of energy scanning random characters for meaning.) At that point, my neighbor and I concluded it was an odd episode, nothing more.

When she got home, the neighbor realized someone had actually broken in. The front door was ajar. The back sliding door was broken and open. The bathroom window was broken. Some of her stuff was in pillowcases, but it seems they didn’t get away with anything. The cops arrived minutes after she called them and were very thorough and professional. They say they’ve had many such calls in our neighborhood and the University area.

If I’d gone down the hall instead of through the living room, I’d have missed the whole thing. Keep an eye out. Neighborhood watch works.

If I agree with Wiener does that make me a dick?

I think Michael Wiener is an insensitive boor, surely sexist, possibly racist (who isn’t). His bumper sticker: Guns don’t kill people, husbands who come home early kill people. Why didn’t his mindset die in the Sixties? Still, I agree with him: let the people decide. I hope the voters in his district kick his ass to the curb. If they don’t, well, that will say a lot about those voters. But electing the fool in the first place did that.

Wiener rejects calls for his resignation |

“There’s an election in 37 days and if the people at that time want to pick somebody else to represent them on the county commission, that’s certainly the way a democracy works that we all belong to,” KOB-TV quoted him as saying. “And I’m going to let the voters in my district speak rather than a few elected officials.”

Wiener rejects calls for his resignation |

Paramilitary police lead to violence

Our cops are soldiers now. Thanks to the boatload of money and carte blanche after 9/11. Let me see your ID.

ABQJournal Online » Jury Verdict In Excessive Force Case Overturned

By Scott Sandlin / Journal Staff Writeron Thu, Apr 26, 2012

APD’s arrest of an unarmed, 60-year-old intoxicated man by firing numerous bean bags at him, siccing a dog on him and then repeatedly Tasering him was “clearly excessive” force, says a federal judge who took the unusual step of overturning the jury’s verdict in the case …

“No reasonable person could believe that an inhibited, slow-moving 60-year old individual who made no physical or verbal threats and wielded no weapons could constitute a threat to the safety of any of the 47 armed and shielded police officers who stood 20 feet away,” Black wrote, reversing the outcome of the weeklong jury trial last October in Santa Fe.

“Nothing presented at trial showed that the officers’ extraordinary use of force was reasonably necessary to safely arrest (the plaintiff),” said the opinion Black wrote this month.

ABQJournal Online » Jury Verdict In Excessive Force Case Overturned