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[updated 7/8/08]A friend emailed today. One of my webpages came up as one of the few results when he searched Google for a phrase no one could ever associate with either of us: “bear tranquilizers” rape. Even more curious, the link Google provided was a dead-end, perhaps related to changes in blogging software over the years. My own site-search had trouble matching the complete search string.

I found the main entry and the secondary entry that probably created the match when the two entries were merged in an archive that may no longer exist, except in Google’s memory. I re-read both of these entries (the second is a series of four to five entries) and I enjoyed them again. Perhaps, you will, too.


PS: Testing that Google link above turned up another of my pages for the first time. No, not this one, which should appear in search results eventually. Instead, this page was listed — and it’s still out there. The Web is the trash heap future archaeologists and comedians will mine.

PPS: CKO points out that 12 hours later, Google lists *this* entry in that search — that’s fast. See Behind the Scenes of a Google Query, By Brian Ussery, to see just how fast Google is (responding to a search, not indexing, which was quite fast).

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