Left Undone

The Internet is so vast it now reaches across time. Here is a message from 2010:

At the time, I was surprised they rounded up the Catholics. I knew they would ignore the few atheists like me; Our New Lord doesn’t believe we exist. But history shows the Jews are the scapegoats, the victims, the sacrificial lambs. Not this time. The Jews are treated like prized pets by the Believers; they will have a special place until the moment of Rapture, at which point they can go to hell with the rest of us.

Besides, this time the gay-liberals have been revealed as the secret enemy within. The gay-liberals eat babies and want to sodomize your son and make your daughter have an abortion; they live to destroy the family and bankrupt hard-working people. Gay-liberals corrupt and poison our pure culture. His Truth: “Hate the sin, kill the sinner.”

The Catholics, however, know something about controlling through religion, about using faith to move empires, of preaching peace while waging war. That’s part of the reason the Believers sought them out as early allies. However, Catholics believe God is beyond human comprehension and much of their faith is allegorical, not literal as the Believers demand. In the end, it may have been the Catholics’ insistence that Jesus wasn’t born in Texas that did them in. Certainly, their refusal to wear Our New Lord’s cross made them easy to pick off.

The Latino Guard was of no use this time. Most of them had done their duty against the infidels in Europe and Asia. When they were brought home to sweep the streets of non-Believers, many complied. The others are said to have run off to the savage land – I think they may have been gunned down themselves. But, one can’t expect the largely-Catholic Latino Guard to happily imprison fellow Catholics.

So, it fell upon the NRA, in what was ironically their last domestic mission, to round up the Catholics. The able-bodied were conscripted and sent to one of the Freedom Frontiers. His Truth: “Sometimes dead is as free as you can get.” The youngest boys were sent to home schooling by the Believers. His Truth: “Don’t trust anyone else to teach you the truth.” The girls have been spared the burden of an education and were put to work clearing the forests for the Bureau of Good Stewardship. His Truth: “It’s not a resource if you don’t use it.” As for the women, well, there were rumors of rape-rooms next to nurseries to provide more troops, but I don’t think Believers have the patience – they say their Day is very near.

As for the NRA, most of them were shipped overseas as well. His Truth: “What good are guns at home when we’ve got enemies to kill abroad?” Where did they think their “inalienable” right came from? His Truth: “There is no law but God’s. All freedom comes from God and through his Believers.” I hope the NRA members appreciated that whole ‘cold-dead hands’ irony.

I can’t believe anyone ever thought the Believers were stupid. In no time, they’ve conquered much of the world. Now, they are ready for their final reward. In keeping with God’s will, they’ve given nuclear bombs to the infidels. It would be wrong – pointless – to try to thwart God. And, so, the Believers are right: their Day is very near.

If I am able, I will write about the conquest of Europe and the “Election” of 2008.

A short time later, this message appeared:

The Ministry of Faith-based Justice has determined that enemies of freedom and faith may be spreading lies across time. These enemies of faith seek to destroy our culture and society. We demand that you erase such wicked messages. Only Our New Lord can protect you from these terrorists. Praise Him. Signed: Attorney General Limbaugh, the Voice of Truth.

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