The Turd in Our Fishbowl

Jason Daskalos — Daskaloser — is on the front page of the Albuquerque Journal again. Ooh, I hate seeing his smug mug. (Curiously, at 11am, that article is not anywhere on the website. I’ll link if it ever turns up.)

This time, Daskaloser was stopped by a cop while weaving down the road in a black humvee. (Of course, he’s practically a caricature of the rich-as-leeches.) Drunk? Drugs? Blow-job? Daskalos admits he was driving while talking on his cell phone (oh! was it the new iPhone?!!). This is a crime in Albuquerque, though the Journal doesn’t mention that. Instead of that crime, he was written up for “failure to maintain a lane.” You might think: BFD, but Daskalos is hell-on-wheels and destined to kill someone. (Only himself, one can hope.)

This ticket should be enough to get Daskalos thrown in jail based on a judge’s ruling earlier. JD’s not worried. The cop who wrote this up dated the ticket “11/7/08.” Daskalos attorney says the wrong date invalidates the ticket. Perhaps the cop is recently from Europe or, more likely, the cop knows that same bit of law. (“Don’t worry, Mr Daskalos, here’s how were going to get you off this time.”)

Daskalos fancies himself a race car driver and a big fish in our little pond. He’s really a spoiled punk with way too much money and — is there a connection here? — many friends in high places. It must be his money, because Daskalos shouldn’t have a friend in the world; he should be shunned until he grows up and apologizes to the entire planet for his astonishing self-centeredness. peace, mjh

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