The Evil Dead

I’m ready to fly to North Carolina to piss on the grave of Jesse Helms. I’ll have my dancing shoes on.

Jesse Helms was evil, vile and hateful. Full of hate and ugly rage. You won’t have to search far for endless examples of what an ugly man he was. What’s more amazing are the paeans and elegies you’ll find for him. As if, there was something redeeming in the unredeemable beast. At least, George Wallace showed some regret. Helms was wicked to the end.

Helms wasn’t “just another southern bigot” — a dismissal that rightly chafes decent Southerners while ignoring bigots everywhere else. Senator No was a fucking HERO to the Republican Party. (He saved Raygun’s career.) Helms represented those angry white males who fled the Democratic Party rather than accept that all people are equal before the law. Good riddance to them and to him. See you in Hell, you monster. I just hope I have a particularly rusty pitchfork in hand. mjh

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