Edwards is a Brilliant Choice

The selection

of John Edwards as the Democrats Vice President will enrage the Republicans. He’s a Trial Lawyer, something they hate more than lesbian

socialist welfare mothers on dope. Trial Lawyers are THE enemy (because they hold businesses accountable to their customers and employees

— something the govenment doesn’t do anymore).

Edwards is the antithesis of corporate welfare. The Republicans will try to exploit

him as ”anti-business,” just like liberalism is ”anti-American” — a horrible lie.

Worse, Edwards is going to steal the

whole ‘optimism’ argument. No one is more optimistic than Edwards. Stand Edwards next to Cheney and pick the one who exudes confidence

in the future.

And that’s why Cheney will withdraw and McCain will be Bush’s new choice for VP. If Cheney can’t let go of power and

Bush can’t let go of Cheney’s hand, they’re sunk. mjh

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