She deserved a better end…

Our friend, Kathleen Crownover, died 6/12/10. Eleven months ago, I wrote of her leaving her long-time home of Albuquerque as a kind of death. She proved my pronouncement foolish by prospering for months after the move. Unfortunately, for the past two months, she suffered more and more. One might wish for death, but the body clings to life, no matter how weak or pain-full.

I do not share the belief that Kathleen has gone to a better place. She’s gone. I would feel so much happier if I could think there is more to it than that. But, all can agree, she’s better off than she was a week ago.

Though her end may have a lesson for us all, her life surely did. Kathleen was extraordinarily kind, gracious, and generous. She had a good smile and a sweet chuckle. She was a good friend. We will think of her often.

One story: Kathleen took Merri to Paul’s Monterey Inn many times a year, simply as a friend as well as a thank you to Merri for her long, tireless work on KC’s behalf. I joined them many times in later years. We always had Mark Lyon’s as our superb waiter. One day, Kathleen, who was legally blind, albeit not completely, leaned over toward me in the dark restaurant and said, “Mark, your beard has turned white!” She was right, of course, but anyone who makes you laugh at a truth you’d rather ignore is a gift.

PS: Herewith, I start a new category on my blog: Obituaries. The entries will grow as the exits do.

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