• Mom


    My Mom died 30 years ago today. She has been dead more than half of my lifetime. I’m at a loss for a word to describe this. It’s not inconceivable, not really unbelievable, no longer unfair or unjust. It’s just […]

  • John Dendahl, ‘pit bull’ for GOP, dies | ABQJournal Online

    I called him Dimdahl (countless times) and he made my blood boil. I’m sure that at one time I looked forward to dancing on his grave. That dies with him. He was a classic New Mexican, large and full of […]

  • Jonathan Winters made me laugh whole-heartedly

    How does one fittingly eulogize a comedian? Are tears the best farewell? I’ve been thinking about this since Jonathan Winters died. I loved Jonathan Winters. He was wildly inventive and brilliantly spontaneous. It’s fitting that such a physical comedian made […]

  • Every film must end

    Every film must end

    Ebert, nation’s best-known film critic, dies at 70 – Toshiba By CARYN ROUSSEAU, The Associated Press, Thursday, April 4, 2013 9:06 PM EDT The heavy-set writer in the horn-rimmed glasses teamed up on television with Gene Siskel to create a […]

  • Remembering Madame Votaw

    Remembering Madame Votaw

    When I first met Madame Votaw over 40 years ago, I was frightened. Descending from the floor above in a rattling cage-like elevator, she emerged smoking like a dragon, surrounded by baying hounds. Add her daughters as sirens on the […]

  • Grief is the Price of Love

    Grief is the Price of Love

    Lucky Dog died two years ago today, at 2:10pm. We miss him still, of course. I think we always will. He was a gift from the Universe and was with us during the very best times over 10 years. It […]

  • Remembering My Dad

    Remembering My Dad

    My Dad died 40 years ago, 5/28/71. I had just turned 16 and we had just moved into a new house, a quirky fixer-upper that would become Pine Street in many memories. Dad came home early that day in a […]