When taking photos, move around your subject …

These two photos were taken at about the same time of day. Although they are two different flowers, they are near each other. Neither has been manipulated after taking except for cropping. Compare the effect of the two backgrounds.

move around for different backgrounds

move around for different backgrounds

Move around your subject, if you can. Be mindful of the background. Point and shoot cameras have such a deep depth of field that you may not be able to blur the background to minimize it. Depth of field refers to the area in focus in front of and behind the subject. Shallow depth of field blurs foreground and background to emphasize the subject and minimize distractions. (Although some people find the blur distracting. You can’t please everyone.) With deep depth of field, everything is in focus. However, try moving away and using zoom, and moving in close and using macro – both of these change the depth of field and the area of the background.

A skilled photo editor can do a lot in post production. I prefer to focus on taking photos. Look. See. Move. Take lots of pictures. Show only your best.

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