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April’s theme gives way to May’s: from poetry to photography. My goal for my birth month is to post a photo (or group) here every day – some old, some new.

Here is my most frequently seen photo on Flickr:

big brown spider

Photographed on my kitchen floor, this big, brown spider has been viewed 3,059 times on Flickr since 12/1/2007 (nearly 700 times in the past year). I really don’t know why. I have other pictures on Flickr of bugs (125) and spiders (16).

pasque flowerThis photo of a pasque flower is my second-most frequently viewed photo on Flickr, seen only 684 times. Mind you, I’m delighted any of my photos are seen once and thrilled by those few that are seen by two dozen people.

My Windows Live Photo Gallery consists of just over 38,500 photos since 2000 — exactly 10% more than one year ago (yup, I kept 10 photos per day, but shot many more). Over the next month, I’ll spare you most of the 38,500, but hope to find one you will enjoy. Let me know what you think or use the Ratings stars, Facebook Likes or Comments.

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