Does the NRA support armed insurrection? As long as it sells guns.

Have I missed the NRA’s condemnation of the armed thugs in Oregon? Has a single “responsible gun owner” called this “irresponsible”? Has one pro-gun person said publicly it is wrong to use guns to steal and threaten fellow citizens?

The NRA’s silence is support. They’ll gladly do business with terrorists, with anyone who’ll buy guns and bullets and scare other people into the same. Worse, these braying jackasses and tin-pot revolutionaries are the poster children of the NRA: bold white men holding an oppressive government at bay with guns and more guns. Defenders of the Constitution, though they are only interested in a dozen words therein. Proof that the only law we need is a “good guy with a gun.” Heroes of the NRA? If you haven’t burned your NRA card yet, you’re a co-conspirator in sedition.

I’ve heard it is the duty of peace-loving Muslims to condemn each act of violence linked to Islam. Where are the Mormons on this? Where’s Harry Reid, gun-loving Mormon, on this? These dangerous lunatics believe god is guiding them and protecting them. (Fools don’t realize the reviled Federal government is protecting them. But their grasp of reality is stretched.)

The armed turds in Oregon aren’t heroes. They are bullies, pompous, and self-righteous. They are Confederates and will share the same fate.

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