Trump the kleptocrat #dumptrump

Welcome to the Trump kleptocracy By Paul Waldman / The Washington Post

it’s looking more and more likely that being president is going to be very lucrative for Trump. By the time it’s over, he may even be worth as much as he has always claimed to be.

The words “conflict of interest” don’t begin to describe what the Trump administration is shaping up to look like

I promise you this: Donald Trump is never going to make his tax returns public. Never.

So we’re going to have to rely on the Trump family’s strong ethical code to reassure ourselves that nothing problematic will go on when it comes to the entwining of Trump’s business interests and U.S. government policy. The problem is that absolutely nothing we have learned about Trump suggests that he will operate in a remotely ethical way when it comes to opportunities to enrich himself once he becomes president.

what’s different and probably unprecedented is the way Trump will increase his fortune by hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars while he’s president.

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