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GOP Unknown Halts Electronic Finance Filings By Matthew Mosk, Washington Post Staff Writer

But before Feingold’s bill [requiring members to file their campaign finance forms electronically instead of on paper] could move forward, Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) rose and announced, “Mr. President, on behalf of a Republican senator, I object.”

The objection represented another Senate tradition that is almost as quaint and baffling to outsiders as paper filings — it is called an anonymous hold. The long-standing practice allows a single unnamed senator to stop any bill in its tracks.

Senators voted earlier this year to end anonymous holds as part of their ethics reform bill, but that measure still awaits action in the House. So when Alexander unfurled his objection, there was little anyone could do. …

Campaign finance reform advocate Steven Weissman said he could only laugh — what a poetic way for senate Republicans to slam the brakes on a long-pending disclosure bill. “This is truly ironic,” he said yesterday. “Secrecy is being used to reinforce secrecy.”

Sen. Ima Luddite (R) – Washington Post Editorial

Would that this Luddite had the courage of his or her convictions to explain publicly said opposition to 21st-century custom. … All opposed ought to have the guts to come forward and explain their antipathy to sunshine.
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ABQjournal: Gov. Considers Ethics Special Session, By Felicia Fonseca, The Associated Press [4/1/07]

Senate Republican Whip Leonard Lee Rawson of Las Cruces said Saturday that he doesn’t believe the idea of the special session will be well received by lawmakers.

Ethics legislation would only trap people who are trying to be honest, and the laws can be abused, he said.

“Just because you have an ethics commission or ethics laws, doesn’t make someone ethical,” Rawson said. “Just because you walk in the garage, doesn’t make you a car. Ethics legislation only treats the symptoms, it doesn’t treat the cause.”

The bottom line, Rawson said, is that, if voters elect ethical people, “then you don’t have to worry about ethics legislation.” [mjh: it’s so simple only a simpleton can see it]

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