People Try to Put Us Down, Talkin’ ‘bout My Generation

One of my favorite bloggers recently made a ridiculous remark about the impact of Baby Boomers on our society. Rather than quarrel with him in the comments section of his blog as his guest, I’ll use my own blog to make a few observations.

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Garret Vreeland had my sympathy in his complaint about some idiots who ruined the recently painted lines on his street. I feel for his frustration with impatient idiots willing to ruin anything. These are the same pigs who toss trash out their car windows. But, in conclusion, Garret blames the Baby Boomers. In the comments, he goes on to explain that it doesn’t matter whether these idiots were themselves Baby Boomers – the Boomers destroyed all decency forty years ago and everything bad today is their fault. (I’m paraphrasing. He’s welcome to backpedal and tone down such nonsense.)

Garret comments:

The behavior pattern started in the late ’60’s … I was around to notice the sea-change in our culture. Other generations since have adopted the same behavior, thinking it is ‘normal’. I feel justified in blaming the Boomer generation for the mindset (of which I am a member, BTW, though thankfully the very tail end).

Many sources agree the Boom ran from 1946 to 1964. Presumably, Garret was between 4 and 8 in the Summer of Love. Right there on the front lines of that sea-change with his thumb in his mouth.

Recently, Winthrop Quigley wrote a very thoughtful piece on Vietnam, following McNamara’s death. Quigley observed we are still fighting Vietnam nearly 40 years later. Some of those with strong opinions about Vietnam weren’t even born until after it was over. A similar strong vein of dislike for hippies, peaceniks, and Boomers lives on, even in people who wore diapers when Boomers helped to change the world. Were all those changes for the better? Clearly not. But, I won’t suffer lightly a fool blaming me for other fools’ bad behavior. You won’t change anyone’s behavior by insulting an entire generation. But, it is easier than doing something constructive. But, don’t blame Garret – he’ll claim it’s the Boomers that made him a whiner. peace, mjh

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2 thoughts on “People Try to Put Us Down, Talkin’ ‘bout My Generation”

  1. Until I ventured seriously into online marketing and social networking, after raising a family and a

    career as a lawyer, I never realized how we Baby Boomers have become so hated. Perhaps we need to become a “protected class.” After

    all, their generation are the ones pushing euthanasia, etc., and I’m afraid that when we get up there they’ll be in a position just to

    pull the plug because they are done with us!

  2. I agree Baby Boomers have some hate for them, but I don’t think it’s

    near as much as the hate that people like Vreeland have for even younger generations. To him we’re even stupider and so wrapped up in

    technology that we can’t even think. But there’s always been a pattern of disrespect from older generations to the younger


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