“take our country back” is bullshit

My blood boils when I hear someone talk about “taking our country back.” From what? Take it back from democracy? When the Idiot King DUHbya was appointed by a conservative Supreme Court stacked by his cronies, I didn’t say we have to “take our country back.” I swallowed bile daily for 8 years and voted for change.

This dumb mantra is all the worse coming from the mouth of an elected official. PUH-lease. It is the rhetoric of scoundrels that have driven the public away from the polls (that is, when those scoundrels aren’t actively suppressing the vote).

If you want to “take our country back,” take control of campaign financing, which that same conservative court has equated to free speech. The rich have more free speech than you or I. We’re free to listen to bullshit.

Paul announces White House bid | Albuquerque Journal News

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Sen. Rand Paul launched his 2016 presidential campaign Tuesday with a combative challenge both to Washington and his fellow Republicans, cataloguing a lengthy list of what ails America and pledging to “take our country back.”

Paul’s fiery message, delivered in his home state of Kentucky before he flew to four early-nominating states, was designed to broaden his appeal outside of the typical GOP coalition as well as motivate supporters of his father’s two unsuccessful bids for the Republican presidential nomination.

In a 26-minute speech that eviscerated “the Washington machine,” he spared neither Republican nor Democrat as he attempted to tap into Americans’ deep frustrations with their government.

“I worry that the opportunity and hope are slipping away for our sons and daughters,” the tea party favorite said. “As I watch our once-great economy collapse under mounting spending and debt, I think, ‘What kind of America will our grandchildren see?’”

He added: “It seems to me that both parties and the entire political system are to blame.”

Paul announces White House bid | Albuquerque Journal News

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