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  • My life a year ago

    mjh’s blog — Kitchen Remodeling for Dummies mjh’s blog — The catalyst almost killed us

  • Shake off your stupor

    In the long run, Americans favor more freedom, not less. Denying rights goes against America’s self-image. Even many conservatives are leery of amending the Constitution. Prohibition was the last time we amended the Constitution to restrict rights and freedom; you […]

  • Love Your Mother

    Happy Earth Day, Everyone! Some say the “Environmental Movement” has itself become a corporation indistinguishable from its foes. Some say that “the people” no longer trust “the movement.” Some even say the movement is irrelevant because everyone is an environmentalist […]

  • Time Stops

    I first posted this 5 months ago, but it is again timely. I’m even more sanguine about time change is Spring, when I finally find it easier to get out of bed and my hibernation is over. mjh I like […]

  • Albuquerque Call Center Wins Visit from Some Guy

    Chance caused me to re-read the following. I wrote this about 9 months ago after the Albuquerque Journal had an article on the AOL Call Center here bringing in a motivational speaker as a “reward” for meeting goals. What a […]

  • The Real Inaugural Address

    Greetings from Richmond, Virginia, the Capital of the Confederacy. My name is Jefferson Davis and I am here to accept my mandate — the people have spoken! It was never red versus blue states; it was always Blue versus Gray. […]

  • Your Roof is a Free Speech Zone

    After I heard that George Duhbya Bush was coming to Albuquerque again, I scoured the news for information. I even checked the White House website. All I could find was he would be here ”mid-morning” on Friday, speaking in front […]