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  • Where I’ve been and where I’m going

    Almost two weeks ago, I accepted a big project from Wiley Publishing. I’m co-authoring a book on digital cameras and photography. The schedule is crazy — crazier than my Vista book, in fact. (If such things can be measure, it’s […]

  • Our New US Poet Laureate

    Even dim Duhbya supports poetry, when the chimps are at the vet. A hearty welcome to Kay Ryan! peace, mjh Dana Gioia Online – Kay Ryan Here is “Paired Things” from Flamingo Watching in which image and abstraction dance so […]

  • Rock Port, Missouri, First 100 Percent Wind-powered Community In U.S.

      Rock Port Missouri, with a population of just over 1,300 residents, has announced that it is the first 100% wind powered community in the United States. Four wind turbines supply all the electricity for the small town. Rock Port, […]

  • I’m an atheist neo-Darwinist

    The Radical and Religious Right may appear as weak and laughable as Duhbya, but they will be around longer and they are relentless in their mission to dominate this nation. peace, mjh New legal threat to teaching evolution in the […]

  • Who’s the brightest star of all? – space – 15 July 2008 – New Scientist Space

      That is close to the output of Eta Carinae, the current record holder, which shines with the light of about 4.7 million Suns. Who’s the brightest star of all? – space – 15 July 2008 – New Scientist Space

  • The Evil Dead

    I’m ready to fly to North Carolina to piss on the grave of Jesse Helms. I’ll have my dancing shoes on. Jesse Helms was evil, vile and hateful. Full of hate and ugly rage. You won’t have to search far […]

  • The Turd in Our Fishbowl

    Jason Daskalos — Daskaloser — is on the front page of the Albuquerque Journal again. Ooh, I hate seeing his smug mug. (Curiously, at 11am, that article is not anywhere on the website. I’ll link if it ever turns up.) […]