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  • Oh, Joy! More billboards, not fewer

    ABQjournal Metro: City Adding Bus Shelters, By Lloyd Jojola, Journal Staff Writer Albuquerque will get new bus shelters as part of an agreement with Lamar Transit Advertising. “We’ve really had a great need for shelters, and funding has always been […]

  • Repressed Republicans

    Mr. Craig’s Secret – Idaho voters could have a say in whether Mr. Craig continues in office, since his term is up next year. He has not yet announced whether he will run for reelection. But some in the […]

  • Tonguex-tried

    ABQjournal Opinion: Letters to the Editor Let’s Pronounce ‘Tiguex’ Right THE SAD passing of my longtime friend Millie Santillanes has brought to mind another sadness, which I would like to see rectified at long last. In conjunction with Millie’s many […]

  • Home, Sweet Home

    Twenty years ago today, we moved into our new home. Two decades! Like every oldtimer, I shake my head in wonder at the passage of time. It’s still great to be here. mjh

  • No Voter Left Behind

    As we try to fix the madness that could result in primaries at the Winter Solstice, I think past voting should be a factor. For example, in which states is the highest percentage of eligible voters registered? Of registered voters, […]

  • Random Flickr Photos

    Random Flickr Photos

    Someone created a tool that generates a random set of flickr photos that changes daily. I look at my random set each day — perhaps you’ll enjoy it, too. mjh mjhinton’s random set photoset random set – a photoset […]

  • Blind to Protest, Dissent or Disagreement: You are with Duhbya or you are against him

    Blind to Protest, Dissent or Disagreement: You are with Duhbya or you are against him

    White House Manual Details How to Deal With Protesters – By Peter Baker, Washington Post Staff Writer Not that they’re worried or anything. But the White House evidently leaves little to chance when it comes to protests within eyesight of […]