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  • Sincerity is better than bullshit

    I’d rather read 10 letters like this one from Jerry Wright or the earlier one by Sheila Harris, both restauranteurs, than one by the ingrate Vern Raburn, CEO of Eclipse Aviation in Albuquerque, New Mexico, or the xenophobic Pfeffer. These […]

  • Panel debates wage increase

    This is all I could find about the debate a few days ago. I still find it very hard to believe a Lowe’s or Chili’s would relocate. How can it possibly be economical to do so? mjh Panel debates wage […]

  • Los Lunas Commuter van halts rides to Albuquerque

    The News-Bulletin: Commuter van halts rides to Albuquerque by Jane Moorman News-Bulletin Staff Writer; Los Lunas Commuters using the Village of Los Lunas’ transportation van to travel to jobs or school in Albuquerque each day are having to scramble […]

  • More Science, Less Nonsense

    This entire article (read it!) seems to do more justice to the science of Evolution, without having to give equal weight to the mysticism of Inteligent Creationism. mjh New Analyses Bolster Central Tenets of Evolution Theory By Rick Weiss and […]

  • take a stand for Jesus

    Intelligent design tied to creationism in Dover trial By Bill Toland, Post-Gazette Harrisburg Bureau HARRISBURG — Board members who succeeded in introducing “intelligent design” to students in Dover Area School District were wary of evolutionary theory and explicit in their […]

  • The Republican War on Science by Chris Mooney — and how the Media plays into the Radical Wrong’s hands

    I know of Chris Mooney (and others) thanks to links from John Fleck. The title of Mooney’s new book seems apt (mjh to jfleck — a review?). mjh An interview with Chris Mooney, author of The Republican War on Science […]

  • DefCon — The Campaign to Defend the Constitution

    DefCon Blog DefCon celebrates all of our First Amendment freedoms, and this blog is an open invitation to speak your mind on the topics we cover. Join DefCon’s Blogger-in-Chief Clark and a rotating host of provocative guest bloggers for discussion, […]