Only Lovers Left Alive (5 stars).

The movie “Only Lovers Left Alive,” written and directed by Jim Jarmusch, springs into my Top 10 of all films I’ve seen. Amazing. Rich. Delicious. Funny at times (this will be one area viewers will react differently — it might actually be more of a comedy than I took it for).

I’ve come to think of Tilda Swinton as I do about Christopher Walken: both elevate any role and any movie, both have an extraordinary physical presence. I can’t imagine anyone else in her role here. However, all of the actors are great.

As I watched this movie, I thought, I’ve got to tell John Stewart about this (he may recall I’ve mentioned it before.) Steve O’Neill will like this. Then, Jas Mullany, Riley, Marj, and Maddy — all the Mullanys, who at times are a single being like a gorgeous aspen grove. Here’s where Walking Raven will laugh (twice) and Merri Rudd will say “see, I’m telling you….” Eventually, the circle grew so large that, for a moment, I thought not only is this the best movie ever made but absolutely everyone will love.

I’ve come down a bit — I know someone’s going to hate it, and, worse, someone will think “it’s ok, but what’s wrong with Mark.” I hesitate to watch it again. (That ruined Walkabout and Bad Timing for me, much to my sorrow decades ago.) I won’t watch it with someone else — I can’t bear to witness another person’s reaction, especially if it is disappointment.

I’ll warn that it is slow. And I’ll warn you away from reviews or trailers. This is a tapestry of shiny threads — the more you know going it, the more likely you are to think “when do they get to [blah].” (If you’ve seen it, please, no spoilers here.)

Although the movie is 90% unconventional, it veers into convention and predictability but recovers from that.

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