Speaking of the VD PJ Parties …

Those were the days, my friends. The Valentine’s Day Pajama Party: was there another anywhere? (Besides the Playboy Mansion.) Could it have been so original and unique? It might be misleading to describe the intent of three twenty-something males as innocent, yet the modern mind, smutted-up by advertising and all the dreck around us, cannot conceive that degree of innocent interaction. To us, they were wild times; looking back, they were more mild than wild. But such great fun to dance with abandon, to cavort and frolic and flirt. Yes, those were the days. (To which I pay fond tribute but have no desire to return to. This is not nostalgia, just timely recollection.)

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

I have many invitations, including the years we had concurrent  parties in Albuquerque and Alexandria. But I don’t have that very first invitation. Does anyone?

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