Political Yard Signs Belong in YARDS

MR and I have discussed this issue for many election cycles (the full story is below). We believe yard signs belong in yards, not in public spaces. So, starting with this entry, I intend to highlight candidates who violate this simple guideline: put your yard signs in someone’s yard — nowhere else.

When you see a candidate’s signs in many yards, you know that candidate has real people supporting him or her. When you see yard signs in public spaces, you know that candidate has at least one hard working volunteer and some money to waste — but possibly no support whatsoever. The way to get signs in people’s yards is to meet them; the way to get signs in public spaces is to sneak around at night, like those exuberant Bush supporters who nailed Bush signs high on telephone poles in my neighborhood to make them hard to remove. Turns out it was quite easy with a golf club.

Today’s inaugural violator is Wayne Johnson. On my morning bike ride, I saw many, many of Wayne Johnson’s yard signs in various public spaces and only one in a yard (Wayne’s own yard?).

Mr Johnson: I will not consider voting for you until you remove your signs from public spaces. peace, mjh

The back story:

Years ago, MR ran for office. At the very last possible moment, someone in the same party decided to run against her (as a stepping stone to higher office, it turned out — he left the position mid-term). During the hard campaign, Merri met with many people. A committee of volunteers delivered yard signs, buttons, and brochures, to people who requested them. Her signs were everywhere. Her opponent placed huge 4 foot by 8 foot signs in various vacant lots. Merri joked he had the support of more vacant lots than she did — she clearly had more signs in people’s yards. Of course, he won. However, that is not why I finally pick up this cause. I’m tired of people littering public spaces with advertising of all kinds. So, please join me in telling candidates you will not vote for them if their signs are not in people’s yards. mjh

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