The War on Christianity? Bullshit.

Once again, religion has so addled its followers’ brains that they cannot understand events unfolding around them. Once again, unscrupulous men use lies to rouse the rabble.

As you know, a clerk in Kentucky is in jail for failing to do her job. While that is an extreme treatment — firing or resignation would be preferable — the fact of the matter is that this woman won’t do her civic duty and she is in contempt of court. She is NOT a martyr, except to hypocrisy.

Now, Republican candidates, desperate to prove their own ignorance and insanity, aware that their base loves bigoted nonsense, have declared this as another example of “The War on Christianity.” BULLSHIT! This was an example of Christians’ War Against the Constitution. We are NOT a Christian nation. You are free to be a Christian, you are free to express your outrage at events. Don’t take a job you can’t perform. Quit a job you refuse to do.

I’m certain the world will be a much better place when all religions are equal to the other fairy tales: Interesting stories and metaphors we share but don’t take seriously. Sadly, I won’t live that long. I doubt I’ll live to see the Republican party return to sanity.

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