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Robert Coontz

My Droog, Robert Coonz, is getting married today. All his friends and Droogies wish him and Jolene a long and happy life together.

Robert Coontz

Twenty-nine years ago (as of the end of October), Robert brought Merri Rudd home to dinner at Preston Road. That’s when John Merck and I met Mer. None of us could have imagined what that was the beginning of: the rest of my life. Thanks, Robert. I wish you as much good fortune as you brought me.

Old Friends (a dream)

In the dream, I was sitting at the end of a long table in a setting like a library, although it may have been a restaurant. I was talking with a man from Indian. One of us spoke of another person we might both know. Another man from India joined us. (Not the person we had just discussed.)

My Droog, John Merck, appeared nearby, letting his presence be known without interrupting the discussion.

I got up from the table to hug John, who was much younger than he is in real life. When we ended our hug, John said, "You’re wearing potato pants!" I didn’t notice anything odd about my pants and John did not explain his remark.

John began to speak in an odd mock-accent he intended to be funny. I couldn’t understand much of what he said, even when he repeated it, but I knew there was a joke in the message as well as the medium. I was irritated.

Another old friend appeared in young form: Charlene came up with a 10 year-old dark-haired boy. I awoke.