The inside story on the fight to preserve medical and privacy rights

The opponents will never stop. They will seek any means — including unconstitutional proposals — to take away an established right, and a fact of human decency, that woman control their own bodies. This fight will continue at every level of government. When your community is threatened, be prepared to fight back.

Albuquerque Shut That Whole Thing Down – Duke City Fix by bg

This is a longer and more complex story. We were set up to fail in every possible way by the collusion of the City Clerk who provided no early voting sites in half of the City. Voting day locations included mega-churches. University students were denied a voting day location. The Catholic Church opposed us. And yet, we prevailed.

While the inside information may be of interest for Albuquerque citizens, I feel it is important for other communities to appreciate the lessons for next time. Critical information for the next places in the crosshairs of the anti-women movement must be shared. We know messaging needs to reflect the values of the community. Women must lead the effort, young women and women of color are essential. There will be national press and national support. It is expensive. But it is going to remain a pitched battle until we can begin to turn the tide back to women. We must thwart every effort they attempt.

Albuquerque has shown the way. We shut that whole thing down. Other communities can do it, and they will do it too!

Albuquerque Shut That Whole Thing Down – Duke City Fix

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