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I’m switching my blog software from Greymatter to MovableType. Until I finish the switch, there are many more entries to be found at:

If you want to know more about the switch, read on…

About 10 months ago, I decided to add a weblog to my site. I looked at available software (vs doing something completely from scratch with pure HTML or with PHP). I specifically compared Greymatter with MovableType (which is better known). I can’t recall why I went with Greymatter. I have no regrets about using Greymatter — I learned a lot about tweaking it.

I’m switching to MovableType for one specific reason: broader exposure. MT will list one’s blog (for a fee). Also, MT supports several mechanisms for promoting one’s site.

MT is definitely slicker than GM and makes better use of CSS. I’ll add more comments after some experience.

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