Wind Makes Crazy

The official weather forecast for the next 3 days: “PM Blowing Dust.” Not until Wednesday does it rise to the level of “windy” by Abq standards.

“Weather Fact: April is Albuquerque’s windiest month, with an average speed of 10.2 mph. May is the next windiest, with an average of 9.9 mph, while June comes in third with an average of 9.2 mph. (Albuquerque National Weather Service)” [via abqjournal / Joe Diaz]

If you can sense the difference between 10.2 mph and 9.9 mph, more power to you. The three windiest months are in a row and we’re not a third through them. But what that leaves out are all those windy days in the months prior. And those are averages. A gust of 30mph is hardly noteworthy in Albuquerque. Sustained gusts of 60mph are not rare.

Yes, Wind Makes Crazy and all the trees are Whispering, “Rain!”

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