Angry, lying idiots

Speak Up! | Albuquerque Journal News

WITH ALL THIS talk about renewable energy replacing fossil fuels, I can hardly wait to see wind-powered cars with their little propellers on top. Oh, what traffic jams we’ll see when the wind stops blowing! – L.M.

DO WE HAVE worse enemies than ISIS, North Korea, and Russia? Yes – environmentalists. They have done a good job screwing up our lives over the last twenty years based on falsified science and pagan Gaia mysticism. Beware of them. – A.L.V.

TO P.K.B.: We have millions of miles of pipelines and railroads that carry oil and gasoline without incident. You are just one of the 1 percent of environmental wacko idiots that needs to go live in a cave, while the rest of us enjoy the wonderful world that we live in. – W.D.L.

Speak Up! | Albuquerque Journal News

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