WTF?! Idiot!

Yoga Is the Pathway to Spiritual Ruin [abqjournal letter]

IT’S COMPLETELY inappropriate for the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Detention Center to be teaching yoga to inmates. Yoga is the practice of Eastern religion.

Dr. John Ankerberg and Dr. John Weldon have written several articles on this topic. They write: “… yoga practice is intended to validate occult yoga theory. And as noted, yoga theory teaches that everything is, in its true inner nature, divine — not only divine but ultimately equal to everything else—everything from God and the devil to the athlete and the AIDS virus.”

Yoga is a way to achieve union with impersonal spiritual forces — demons — and to destroy the individual so he can be liberated and learn that this mortal life isn’t worth living.

Those who believe they can practice yoga merely as exercise don’t realize that they’re opening themselves up to the occult. We do not want our tax money supporting occult practices!


I’m not sure any amount of deep breathing and relaxation can keep me from wanting to scream at the idiot who wrote this. Most of my yoga teachers present it as an exercise. There is an element of “don’t worry, be happy,” some encouragement to accept your own limitations, not to compete. You know, heretical thoughts like that. Cathy’s ignorance is jaw-dropping.

As for the program she objects to, it may, just may, help these inmates break out of the trap that otherwise will return them to jail. It should be applauded and imitated. And anyone who thinks there are demons – well, maybe they’re right. Cathy is clearly possessed by something evil, these demons named Ankerberg and Weldon. Namaste. Shanti, shanti, shanti.

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