When mouth-breathers speak, the spittle flies

From today’s Journal’s Speak Out column come back-to-back insights:

IT COMES AS no surprise that the Democrat/Liberal/Progressive party vehemently opposes any educational reform in New Mexico. Their future lies almost exclusively in the under-educated, government-dependent low-information voter. – R.D.H.

“PROGRESSIVE” IS CODE for communist/socialist. “Moving forward…” — this expression is commonly used by socialist/communist liberal Democrats. The Forward was the name of the communist newsletter published by Comrade Karl Marx. Words mean things. – J.C.G.

I find the first ironic because it is the Conservative movement that denies science and opposes formal education. They would have schools teach prayer and how great (white) America was. As for the second, I assume he has been in a coma for 60 years (or just listens to Fox, another sign of how important “information” is to Conservatives). peace, mjh

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