Disheartened Dems should read this whole column

There’s only one poll that counts: Election Day. It’s not over until then. VOTE. Call your friends. Don’t give this election away.

The secrets behind the midterms – The Washington Post By E.J. Dionne Jr.

A Pew Research Center survey conducted Oct. 15 to 20 found that Democrats had a 21-point advantage among registered voters as the party “more concerned about needs of people like me,” up from a lead of only 11 points in October 2010. Voters picked Republicans over Democrats as the party “more influenced by special interests” by 46 percent to 32 percent, a 14-point Republican deficit, up from an 8-point deficit four years ago. And on a new measure, voters declared the Republican Party “more extreme in its positions” by 52 percent to 36 percent.

Many Democrats quietly concede that the Senate playing field still tilts the Republicans’ way. If Democrats upset expectations, these underappreciated factors will be the reason. If the Republicans prevail, the fact that the election has been so closely fought points to problems that even a victorious GOP will have to confront.

The secrets behind the midterms – The Washington Post

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