Abq Journal fails to note that Martinez fundraiser is a marijuana businessman

Romney and Martinez appeared at a fundraiser hosted by a drug dealer, I mean marijuana merchant. She calls decriminalization a “horrible, horrible idea,” but pockets profits from same, but the Journal makes sure you don’t hear that from them.

Romney campaigns for Martinez | Albuquerque Journal News

By James Monteleone / Journal Staff Writer PUBLISHED: Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 3:08 pm

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee for president in 2012, rallied support for New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez in Albuquerque today.

Romney drew a crowd of more than 200 outside Martinez’s campaign headquarters in Albuquerque, where Romney praised Martinez’s record of accomplishment as a model for the nation and urged supporters to vote early.

Romney campaigns for Martinez | Albuquerque Journal News

Note that the average stoplight in Abq accumulates a crowd of 200.

Susana Martinez to attend fundraiser hosted by aspiring marijuana businessman

Pot Politics

Susana Martinez to attend fundraiser hosted by aspiring marijuana businessman

October 21, 2014, 6:00 pm By Joey Peters

Susana Martinez has been unabashed about her opposition to loosening marijuana laws since stepping into the governor’s office nearly four years ago.

She underlined that stance in Sunday’s debate with Democratic Party challenger Gary King, voicing her opposition to both legalizing recreational pot as well as decriminalizing possession of small amounts of it. There, she stated that the judicial system never throws people in prison for only small marijuana charges.

It wasn’t unlike her comments on the subject throughout the past weeks on the campaign trial, where she reportedly dismissed decriminalization as a “horrible, horrible idea.”

“When you start having young people have access to that marijuana as easily as they do other things, it really does impact them,” Martinez told KOAT-TV earlier this month. 

Yet the stance apparently isn’t enough to stop candidate Martinez from taking money from a New Mexico businessman who is planning to start a recreational and medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado, which legalized recreational cannabis two years ago. 

Charles “Randy” Briggs is planning to host Martinez at a $2,600-a-plate fundraiser at his home this Thursday, according to the Albuquerque Journal. Briggs, a Carlsbad native and ophthalmologist, is also listed as the business agent for Grandote Green LLC. The company applied for a commercial development license earlier this year to start a “marijuana medical and retail” business in La Veta, a tiny town of 800 in the south central region of Colorado. 

Since May, Martinez’ campaign has also pocketed at least $10,000 from a Charles R Briggs Trust, according to campaign finance reports. 

Briggs’ fundraiser this week will reportedly also feature former Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney.

Susana Martinez to attend fundraiser hosted by aspiring marijuana businessman

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