The Struggle

I dreamed I was crossing a parking lot looking for my car. A dense cloud appeared from over a building or wall. I knew it was a toxic pollutant. I held my breath and ran. My car was like a VW minivan, except the dashboard had a panel I had to be lift to access everything. I started the vehicle and as I drove I realized the lot was covered with snow and ice. I wondered about braking as I headed down a ramp the wrong way onto an Interstate, which had a huge swell of ice as clear as glass. As I gently tapped the brakes, the vehicle spun round and round. I was of two minds: enjoy it; it will not end well. During my rotation, I could see a large truck and other vehicles headed towards me, but I was drifting onto the other lanes headed in the correct direction.

The road quickly dwindled to a country lane. At some point, I was on foot. An Asian woman passed me, going the other way. Off to the side of the road, a large dog stared at a deer. I thought I’d better call the dog before it ran off. Then I saw a wolf staring at the dog. Immediately, the two were on the road ahead of me; the woman was behind me. The wolf had the dog’s throat in its jaws. Next to the wolf, there was a pile of wooden stakes of varying lengths, most, but not all, sharpened to a point. I grabbed a 4 inch stake and struck at the wolf, thinking, "I wish I’d taken the time to select a longer stake."

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