Dream Library

In the dream, I stood outside a small brick building, an old library. I was after one specific book. I entered the library and walked to where I expected to find the book, wondering if I would be allowed to check out a reference book. The interior of the library consisted of one small room with only a few low shelves clustered in the middle. There were only a few books and magazines scattered on the largely empty shelves. I decided to ask for help.

I walked over to a group of people, men and women, some seated at desks, some standing around chatting. They ignored me. I tried to make eye contact. Eventually, I said to one, “Can you help me find a book?” “You’ll have to talk to Michele,” she replied, referring to the woman standing next to her. Michele came around from behind a desk and walked with me towards the sparse shelves. “Which book do you want?” “Strunk & White.” She laughed, “We haven’t had that in a hundred years, I bet.” “I know you had it – I used it! Nevermind.,” I said, turning away.

I stood next to a door marked Emergency Only. Next to that door were two other doors. I could not figure out which of these doors was an exit. Although they were obviously doors, I didn’t see handles or hinges. Between the two doors was a square opening. I decided to go that way.

I was descending, but this wasn’t a tunnel or a stairway. Instead, the passage consisted of a series of restaurant booths, each a little lower than the previous. I climbed over the vinyl benches, descending. The last booth was occupied by a young couple. “I’m not sure how I’m supposed to dismount here,” I said as I picked my way around them.

Next to the last booth was a serving station. A waitress appeared and said something. “Excuse me?”, I responded. “I said, ‘You look like you’ve put on some weight.’,” she said, smiling. I said to her, “I wish I needed a girlfriend – you’d be good one.” I woke up.


PS: Many people doggedly follow Strunk & White. I do not.


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