Rage against the machine – again and again

Wow. That was absolutely un-fucking unacceptable. I sat down to journal 45 goddamn minutes ago and NOW I’m just able to start. Scream of rage at Microsoft, at Windows 10, at Dell. RAGE.

Deep breath. The day had started fine.

Cuppa coffee in hand, I sat in front of the big screen tv as I do every morning. A few things on the computer were still stuck from last night. Couldn’t see any notifications. Couldn’t access the Start menu. No biggie, I’m used to restarting at least once every goddamn day — at least once. So, I restarted and an update installed. This must be the tweak to the latest build I’d read about. Before long, the first error message. Eventually, the system ran restore on its own, but failed. I ran System Restore manually to roll back 24 hours. It said it failed, but eventually, I got in and it said it succeeded in restoring. Click on OneNote. “App cannot run. Contact Administrator.” FUCK YOU, Microsoft. Who the hell do you think the goddamn administrator is? So, restore did fail, at least in part. Restart. No better. OK, go to the Store and reinstall OneNote. Nope, Store won’t load. In fact, I gather by an overlay that all Store apps are fucked up. Nice.

I’ve been a rat in computer maze for over 30 years. I’ve run into countless dead-ends before. There’s always a way around. I install OneNote 2013, the free desktop app. It’s overkill for my purposes, but the simpler app won’t load. I wait while 2013 installs. Wait to load notebooks. Wait. Now, an hour after I began, I’m sorta caught up. Of course, I don’t know yet if anything else runs.


If anyone mentions “Apple” or “Macintosh” in the comments, I will drown a kitten.