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  • Unhinged (a seasonal poem)

    The man rages red-faced, arms flailing, he sputters and fumes. Impotent fury. The wind blowing fiercely whips away his whining, rattles and flaps his windows and doors. Unhinged, he rants. His sensibility scatters in the rubble of his composure. The […]

  • going home

    I never thought how noisy it would be: the wind through my feathers squeaks and rustles as I pull and release my wings like a rower through air. Pull and lift and fly, rest and soar and drop. Now an […]

  • Wind Makes Crazy (a timely poem)

    Wind Makes Crazy (a timely poem)

    The raven preaches from above his dark robes spread he tells his tale again “I am the black rock, the Land full of subtle, fragile life!” Shouting out from his piñon pulpit the choir in the cholla a meadowlark waiting […]