Trip to Alexandria, Virginia

I grew up in and around Alexandria, Virginia (emphasis on Northern Virginia). I left Alexandria in July, 1984. In October, 2012, I returned to visit friends and family for a week, and to attend a memorial for Madame Votaw.

I hiked along the Occoquan River with droogie and host Fred Reiner and the C&O Canal with Fred and John Stewart. John, my oldest friend, and I rode bikes from Alexandria to Roosevelt Island, over Key Bridge into DC, around the Martin Luther King and FDR memorials, back over Memorial Bridge (a route I used to commute by bicycle). I shared at least one meal with Meg Ford, droog Robert Coontz and Jolene Jesse, droog John Merck and Betty Siegel, Arlyn, Connie & Jay Mazelsky (and kids Alex and Lizzie). I brunched with my sister, Elizabeth Gay, and nieces, JoanE and Julianne. I was glad to spend a little time with Claire, Cathy, Susan, and Marianne nee Votaw.  It was a fabulous trip, with a memorable return.

John Merck at Preston RoadFredRobert walking in Old Town Alexandria

John mimics the Silver SurferJohn and I rode bikes to DC, once we got out of that giant backpackJohn Stewart and Meg Ford

Robert and Jolene at Fort Ward parklunch with family

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