The Lanza Lock changed the world

Since the year 2020, every gun in the world has been retrofitted or manufactured with a sensor that is capable of disabling the weapon. Over the years, these sensors have improved in detecting rage and various mental states that would lead to non-defensive use of the weapon. No weapon can be fired unless the shooter is in control of himself. If a weapon is fired, data is recorded that is admissible in court. Known as the Lanza Lock, the sensor is somewhat like an ignition interlock device on a car and a flight data recorder. Don’t ask me how this tech works — how do barcodes and WiFi work? All I know is when we put our minds to a task, we can solve problems.

As a result of the Lanza Lock, the peaceful enjoyment of guns and the legitimate defensive use of guns have been unaffected. However, use of guns in violence — including warfare — has stopped completely. The Gun Industry made a huge profit from the sensors and even more as people worldwide have bought guns for fun and hunting without fear of those weapons being turned against them or their loved ones.

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