Republican Scare Tactics / Paranoia

Don’t worry, we won’t treat you the way you would treat us. peace, mjh

… a thirteen-question survey in the mail from the RNC, and that one of the questions implied that the health care reform bills before Congress would purposely discriminate against people who affiliated with the Republican Party:


Of course the RNC survey is just one part of the scare tactics being used by opponents of health care reform. They have suggested that health reform could “pull the plug on grandma“, subject mentally ill children to “death panels,” and even herald in a new era of eugenics.

A spokesman for the RNC has now described the mailing as “inartfully worded.”

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One thought on “Republican Scare Tactics / Paranoia”

  1. Is the GOP even

    _suggesting_ that hard-core Rethuglicans would even consider the public option rather than keep their wonderful, private insurance plans?

    Hooray! We’ve won!

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