What is the answer to gun violence?

I trust that Barbara Waggoner is a real person, not a fabrication of an NRA PR campaign. I’ll also assume no one in her family makes money in the Gun Industry. Like most gun advocates, Ms Waggoner tells us what doesn’t work and what won’t work. She is unusual in suggesting something we can do: focus on mental health. I appreciate her suggestion but wonder if there isn’t something more direct and specific to be done regarding guns. If so, it will have to come form the Gun Community itself, because they will not tolerate any suggestion from outside.

So, what can we do? To save time, here are the current suggestions from Gun Advocates:

  1. There is no problem.
  2. If there is a problem, it’s not guns or people with guns, it’s [fill in the blank].
  3. Current laws don’t work.
  4. Any law you can conceive of won’t work.
  5. Nothing needs to be done and/or nothing can be done.
  6. Let’s outlaw baseball bats and cars because they kill more people.

No need to repeat any of those. Not one of them is worth the electrons they’re printed with. So, use your mind for something other than paranoia and defensive rhetoric: What can be done to reduce deaths from firearms?

More rules are not the answer to more gun violence | Albuquerque Journal News

By Barbara Waggoner / Las Cruces resident
PUBLISHED: Sunday, June 8, 2014 at 12:05 am

Law-abiding gun owners do not have a fanatical belief in an extremist interpretation of the Second Amendment.

More rules are not the answer to more gun violence | Albuquerque Journal News

I’ll be interested in the attack Gun Advocates will mount on Ms Waggoner. After all, she implies that anyone who does have an extremist interpretation of the Second Amendment is NOT a law-abiding gun owner. Moreover, she dares to suggest there is such a thing as an extremist interpretation of the God Given Sacred Unquestionable Second Amendment. How dare she!

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