No paperwork, no job: Release Trump’s tax returns NOW or forfeit the presidency. #dumptrump

How did we let Trump get away with this? He lied about his reasons but ultimately there was no threat that could compel him to release his tax returns. There is ONE threat now: Trump cannot become President without releasing his tax returns. Simple. Clear. No paperwork, no job.

Americans have a right to know who the King of Debt owes money to. We have a right to know how he has played the tax code. We have a right to know if he is at all charitable. We have a right to know which companies and countries will profit from his actions. We have a right to know how he profits from his actions. We have that right — it’s not radical, it’s not unreasonable, it’s not unprecedented, it’s not left nor right, it’s not sour-grapes. No paperwork, no job.

Trump will ignore this or tweet something ridiculous in response. His followers will rage at this temerity even though they harped endlessly on emails and unproved corruption. But someone can fix this.

Until this election cycle, there were still a few Republicans who put the nation ahead of their own interests. You can subpoena these records immediately. No paperwork, no job.

There are other avenues:

Electors: Where are Trump’s returns?
WikiLeaks: Where are Trump’s returns?
Russian hackers: Where are Trump’s returns?
Chinese hackers: Russia says you don’t know how to hack the IRS.
IRS employees: Sometimes, you have to blow the whistle to save the nation.

We have a right to know before he takes power. No paperwork, no job.