Gun lovers: what’s the proper way to deal with this idiot in Santa Fe?

A guy with an ongoing feud shoots in the heart of Santa Fe. Separately, he hears noise at night and shoots out his bedroom window. This man is a dangerous idiot and should not be allowed to own a gun. mjh

Santa Fe police probe downtown shooting incident – The Santa Fe New Mexican by Nico Roesler

Santa Fe police said no one was hurt Monday night when an “ongoing feud” between two business owners on West San Francisco Street apparently led to an exchange of gunshots about a block from the Plaza.

Santa Fe police probe downtown shooting incident – The Santa Fe New Mexican

» Man: Shooting Was Self-Defense | ABQ Journal By Bill Rodgers / Journal Staff Writer on Wed, Jan 9, 2013

SANTA FE — A man who fired a gun near the city’s Plaza on Monday evening told police he was defending himself from someone in a vehicle who pointed a gun at him around 7 p.m.

Police didn’t cite 30-year-old Musa Nassar, owner of Santa Fe West Gallery, for that shooting near the intersection of Galisteo and West San Francisco streets because he said there had been a threat on his life, Santa Fe Police Capt. Aric Wheeler said. …

A witness on the scene Monday night described a scary scene of a man in the street firing five or so shots at a car. West San Francisco was blocked off in front of the Lensic Performing Arts Center while the shooting was investigated.

Later Monday night, Nassar was cited for a second shooting with another gun that occurred around midnight at his Sunset Ridge home, Wheeler said. Nassar told police that he believed there was someone outside, because he heard noises and a motion light turned on. He fired shots out of his bedroom window.

Police cited him with misdemeanor negligent use of a firearm, Wheeler said. The captain said police cannot allow people to fire at noises they hear outside.

“We’re not condoning people firing shots out of their bedroom window,” Wheeler said.

Wheeler said Nassar was fearful for his and his family’s safety based on threats, but Wheeler did not go into detail on them.

» Man: Shooting Was Self-Defense | ABQ Journal

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