• Two, no three, Words of the Day

    Word of the Day | Definition, Word Origins, and Quotes at Dictionary.com Word of the Day Monday, May 19, 2014 verbicide \ VUR-buh-sahyd \  , noun; 1. the willful distortion or depreciation of the original meaning of a word. 2. […]

  • Say hello and goodbye to Axolotl

    The Bing photo of the day brings the dismal fate of axoloti, plus the words neoteny and endorheic lake, to my attention (I’m surrounded by the latter). It’s one thing to be food, another to be poisoned into extinction, but […]

  • dullaby (neologism)

    dullaby (neologism, noun): a story you’ve heard so many times it puts you to sleep.

  • ‘Selfie’ wins title for word of the year for 2013 | ABQJournal Online

    I’ve been reluctant to follow the herd on this, but ‘selfie’ is very convenient, and that usually wins me over. Even the masturbatory undertone is fitting, metaphorically. Ours is the Age of the Self, as any blogger proves. ‘Selfie’ wins […]

  • The evolution of ‘whelm’ leaves me gruntled

    Merriam-Webster Online Contemporary writers like Philips sometimes use "whelm" to denote a middle stage between "underwhelm" and "overwhelm." But that’s not how "whelm" has traditionally been used. "Whelm" and "overwhelm" have been with us since Middle English (when they were […]

  • “word-hoard”? Not in *my* idiolect.

    Dictionary.com word-hoard \WURD-hawrd\ , noun: A person’s vocabulary. Dictionary.com

  • hypnopompic

    I imagine I’ll be straining to remember this word early tomorrow morning. Dictionary.com hypnopompic \hip-nuh-POM-pik\ , adjective: Of or pertaining to the semiconscious state prior to complete wakefulness. Dictionary.com