It is time to get very afraid: Extremists, authoritarians now run the GOP — and no one can stop them –

Read it all at the link. This conspiracy is as old as the New Deal and it’s coming to a head in 2016. Be grateful that not one Republican leader has any charisma or even the skill to hide his or her true nature.

by Heather Cox Richardson 

We should be very afraid. Boehner and McConnell are not wild-eyed lefties. They are on the very far right of the American political spectrum: fervently pro-business, antiabortion, opposed to social welfare legislation. But they are old-school politicians who still have faith in the idea of American democracy.

Movement Conservatives do not. They want to blow up the government and remake America according to their own radical ideology.

Since the 1950s, Movement Conservatives have set out to destroy the form of federal government that came out of the New Deal. After the Great Crash and the ensuing Depression, most Americans believed that the government must regulate business and protect labor in order to create a stable, prosperous society. But businessmen hated the very same New Deal regulations most Americans liked.

It is time to get very afraid: Extremists, authoritarians now run the GOP — and no one can stop them –

BERNIE SANDERS FOR PRESIDENT | Progressive Democrats of America Central New Mexico Event

BERNIE SANDERS FOR PRESIDENT | Progressive Democrats of America Central New Mexico

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BERNIE SANDERS FOR PRESIDENT | Progressive Democrats of America Central New Mexico

What Sanders means by ‘democratic socialism.’

I’ll be interested to hear Conservatives denigrate the Scandinavian countries. Surely, they can find a white supremacist who mourns the good old days before immigrants ruined everything. 

What Sanders means by ‘democratic socialism.’ (You still have your choice of pajamas.), The Washington Post, John Wagner

the longest-serving independent in Congress asked how many of the students were familiar with the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Finland and Norway.

“Are these democratic societies? Obviously they are,” Sanders said, relaying that voter turnout in Denmark tends to approach 90 percent.

“Is it a society where the government owns every mom-and-pop store?” he asked. “Of course not. You have all kinds of capitalist entrepreneurship going on, a lot of wealth being created. But what else do you have? … An effort to make sure that all people benefit from the wealth that’s being created. So you have a much more equitable distribution of wealth and income. … I talked to a guy from Denmark, and he said, ‘In Denmark, it is very hard to become very, very rich, but it’s pretty hard to be very, very poor.’ And that makes a lot of sense to me.”

In Denmark, Sanders said, health care is a right, and college education is free. “Sounds like a very terrible form of government,” he said sarcastically.

What Sanders means by ‘democratic socialism.’ (You still have your choice of pajamas.)

More likely, Conservatives are simply apoplectic over the notion of it being difficult to become very, very rich (and ever more so under their policies).

Bernie Sanders in the lions’ den

Liberty University believes this is a Christian nation to be dominated / ruled by Christians. Bullshit. Kudos to Sanders for extending an olive branch.

At Liberty University, An Irreligious Bernie Sanders Voices A Progressive Embrace Of Faith
by Jack Jenkins, Sep 14, 2015 3:41pm

There was tension in the air when Vermont senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders walked onstage on Monday morning at Liberty University, a college in Lynchburg, Virginia. The situation seemed ripe for conflict: Liberty is a deeply conservative Christian school with a long history of championing right-wing religious leaders and Republican candidates. Sanders is a Jewish man and self-proclaimed democratic socialist who has repeatedly distanced himself from organized religion, describing himself as “not particularly religious.”

Yet when the 74-year-old senator took to the podium to address several thousand Liberty students, he launched into a speech that focused not on these clear differences, but on shared values. In what amounted to a nuanced articulation of religion’s role in American society, the bespectacled Sanders voiced a surprisingly deep appreciation for the larger moral goals of faith — even the school’s famously conservative brand of Christianity. …

“I am far from being a perfect human being — but I am motivated by a vision which manifests in all great religions,” he said. “And that vision is so beautifully and clearly stated in Matthew 7:12: ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’. That is the golden rule … It is not very complicated.”

See the hour long video.

Run, Bernie, Run!

Sanders appeals to me quite a bit. I think Clinton has a better chance of winning nationally, but I’m glad Bernie is raising hell. peace, mjh

The non-Clinton alternative for Democrats by Eugene Robinson

I’m not of the school that believes competition for competition’s sake is always a good thing. But Sanders has an appeal for younger, more liberal, more idealistic Democrats that Clinton presently lacks. If she competes for these voters — and learns to connect with them — she will have a much better chance of winning the White House. …

One thing Sanders has going for himself is palpable authenticity. He is the antithesis of slick. To say there’s nothing focus-grouped about the man is to understate; one doubts he knows what a focus group is. “Rumpled” is the word most often used to describe him, but that’s not quite right; it’s not as if his suits are unpressed or his shirttails untucked. He’s just all substance and no style — which, to say the least, makes him stand out among politicians….

Sanders’s main appeal, however, is that he speaks unabashedly for the party’s activist left. He is witheringly critical of Wall Street, wants to break up the big banks, proposes single-payer health care and promises to raise taxes. He voted against the 2003 invasion of Iraq; Clinton, then a senator, voted for it but now says that she made a mistake.

Only 29 percent of Americans had a favorable view of the Republican Party …

But don’t assume they can’t win despite that. Money rules. The obscenely rich can buy anything.

Populism could divide the Grand Old Party – The Washington Post

The New York Times/CBS News poll, released a day later, showed what the GOP is up against: Only 29 percent of Americans had a favorable view of the Republican Party, while 43 percent had a positive view of the Democrats.

The survey also documented a steady but little-noticed trend: Americans are becoming less conservative. In the fall of 2010, the Times/CBS poll found, there were twice as many self-described conservatives as liberals: 19 percent of Americans called themselves liberal, 38 percent called themselves conservative. In the latest poll, liberals stood at 25 percent, conservatives at 33 percent. In less than five years, a 19-point margin has shrunk to eight points.

Republicans and conservatives have a brand problem. Their presidential campaign will only aggravate it as candidates are forced to double-down on an ideology that is in danger of decline. Moreover, the next year is likely to intensify deep stresses inside their coalition.

Populism could divide the Grand Old Party – The Washington Post

Republicans push for a permanent aristocracy in dramatic contradiction to the intent of the Founders they claim to worship (liars)

The relentless effort of Republicans to relieve the rich of any and all taxation has caused the dramatic shift in disparity between the OBSCENELY Rich and the rest of us. The grotesquely rich already buy anything they want from government. Eliminating estate taxes assures that every subsequent generation of rich will have even more power because the Supreme Court Council of Cardinals equates money with speech.

Republicans push for a permanent aristocracy – The Washington Post by Dana Milbank

This is the ultimate perversion of the tea party movement, which began as a populist revolt in 2009 but has since been hijacked by wealthy and corporate interests. The estate tax has been part of American law in some form since 1797, according to the advocacy group Americans for Tax Fairness, a shield against the sort of permanent aristocracy our founders fought to rid themselves of.

It had long been a conservative ideal, and the essence of the American Dream, to believe that everybody should have an equal shot at success. But in their current bid to end the estate tax, Republicans could create a permanent elite of trust-fund babies.

The estate tax was a meaningful check on a permanent aristocracy as recently as 2001, when there were taxes on the portion of estates above $675,000; even then there were plenty of ways for the rich to shelter money for their heirs. …

“It sounds to me like there’s a lot of wealth envy in this country,” Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.) complained while serving as chairwoman of the Rules Committee debate Tuesday. The bill abolishing the estate tax, she said, “will draw a line in the sand.”

Yes, it will: between the wealthiest two-tenths of 1 percent — and everybody else.

Republicans push for a permanent aristocracy – The Washington Post