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  • Flickr


    I have posted just under 1,000 photos on Flickr over the past few years. According to Flickr’ stats, my photos have been viewed just under 35,000. If that seems like a lot, consider that isn’t 35,000 people, that’s 35,000 views […]

  • The New Republicans Will Fix Things The Old Republicans Couldn’t — yeah, right

    It isn’t often that public outrage peaks so close to an election, but this is a rare moment in history when "we the people" can exact a price from the political leadership that has duped, scammed and lied to them, […]

  • “What do you think of the plan, John?”

    Today, the Washington Post reveals more details about what happened during the White House meeting on Thursday between President Bush and top lawmakers. Despite indicating that his presence was pivotal in Washington for these bailout negotiations, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) […]

  • He doesn’t understand.

    McCain was repeatedly insulting to Obama in the debate. McCain said, "He doesn’t understand" at least four times. Asshole. [updated 9/27/08] In a CBS News poll, uncommitted voters see Barack as the debate winner. When it comes to the economy, […]

  • Mission Accomplished

    From Think Progress: Over on the Wonk Room, Matt Duss recalls this line from Osama bin Laden’s surprise late-October 2004 videotaped address: And even more dangerous and bitter for America is that the Mujahedin recently forced Bush to resort to […]

  • Against McCain

    Just read this scathing indictment of John McCain: … while McCain’s campaign, characteristically substituting vehemence for coherence … [T]he more one sees of [McCain’s] impulsive, intensely personal reactions to people and events, the less confidence one has that he would […]

  • Prejudice Comes in All Colors

    GOP Leader Won’t Resign, By Jeff Jones Copyright © 2008 Albuquerque Journal By late morning, however, audio-taped C de Baca comments from a separate BBC radio interview began making the rounds in New Mexico.        “I feel strongly that Hispanics […]