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  • Defining Kerry

    Bush Scores Points By Defining Kerry By Dan Balz, Washington Post Kerry officials acknowledge that the Bush campaign tactics over the past month have hurt. ”The Bush people dumped $20 million of negative ads on our heads; it’s going to […]

  • Internet Voting

    Pentagon Drops Plan To Test Internet Voting By Dan Keating, Washington Post Staff Writer The Pentagon has decided to drop a $22 million pilot plan to test Internet voting for 100,000 American military personnel and civilians living overseas after lingering […]

  • Republicans Take Care of the Rich (Again)

    House Republicans Stop Effort to Limit Tax Cuts By Alan Fram, Associated Press The Republican-led House defeated a fresh Democratic effort yesterday to limit Congress’s ability to approve new tax cuts, averting an embarrassing setback to President Bush’s agenda of […]

  • We need a united front to defeat Bush – a coalition, led by John Kerry and the Democrats, which embraces the values of the 33% of Americans who are not members of the two major parties. Tell political leaders […]

  • Bush Flip-Flops

    Bush Flip-Flops – A look at Bush’s reversals Some previous Bush reversals in the face of criticism: He argued a federal Department of Homeland Security wasn’t needed, then devised a plan to create one. He resisted a commission to investigate Iraq […]

  • Lie, Smear, Change the Subject

    mjh’s Dump Bush weBlog: Lush Limbaugh Bloviates As Usual Lush Limbaugh to VP Cheney: Mr. Clarke, to get back to him for a moment, is saying that actually if we would just take some more time and talk to these […]

  • No End to Lush Limbaugh’s Stupidity

    NOW with Bill Moyers. Transcript. March 26, 2004 | PBS BRANCACCIO: You raise this issue of partisanship. Do you ever worry that you’re being used for those purposes? I had the radio on the other day. And there was conservative […]